Behind the Scenes of Money Possible

It’s always fun to go “behind the scenes” … kinda makes you feel like you have a backstage pass at a Justin Timberlake concert.

We begged asked our Money Possible participants to meet for a quick (and by quick we mean three hours) video and photo shoot/financial literacy class/get to know you session on an icy Saturday. They were all kind enough to show up, and what’s even better, they were early!

What a fantastic group of participants. They did everything we asked…even with lights and a camera in their face.

The interview.
Lights, camera....Money Possible interview

We thought this was cool. It’s a jar of cut up credit cards.
Destroy debt: cut up credit card jar

Group session.
Group session

Needs vs. wants.
Consumer Credit Counseling Service session: needs vs wants

Scary Statistic: “We have more payday loan locations than McDonald’s Wendy’s and Burger King combined.”
Scary Statistic: We have more payday loan locations than McDonald's Wendy's and Burger King combined.

Stay tuned, we’ll reveal a little bit more about our participants next time.

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