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100+ Reasons to Join the 100 Million.

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of credit unions, but this post by Phroogal spells it out for you: 101 Reasons Why Credit Unions are Awesome.

Surely you can find one or two (or ten) reasons why you should consider a credit union, especially if your current financial home leaves you dreaming of better rates, fewer fees and smiling faces.

#100MM 100 Million MembershipsAnd if those 100 reasons aren’t enough, try asking the nearly 100 MILLION members worldwide why they are a member of a credit union. Here’s a cool site that showcases a sample of credit union members and their own personal “why.”

Hard to imagine what 100 million looks like? Check out the “What Does 100 Million Look Like” section for some fun, state-specific ways to measure 100 million.

[Here is the Kansas 100 million fact:
100 million people could eat for 840 days from the amount of wheat produced in Kansas in one year.]

Already a credit union member? Snap a selfie, post it to the site, and spread the word!

Need to find a credit union, or want to know more about credit unions before making the switch? A Smarter Choice is a great place to start, or if you are in Kansas, here’s some state specific information.