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Money Possible Participant Sneak Peek

Last week we posted pictures from our first video and photo shoot.Your-photo-here-for-blog-post

Here’s a sneak peek profile of each (we’ll reveal their headshots later):

  • Single mom of three, 50-ish, administrative worker who rents a home.
  • Married couple with three children, 40-ish, owns their home.
  • Married mom in her 30s with two young children, works in education, renting a home.

Here is some insight into why they applied to be a Money Possible participant:

“I need to stop spending and buying. If it’s on sale, I know someone who can use it.”
We’ve all fallen victim to the merciless “sale” tactics or “I have a coupon” mentality. Stick to a list to deter impulse buying.

“I’ve tried other programs, but without talking to someone regularly, I have not stayed on track to save for retirement.”
Ah, this one is accountability. Telling someone (and it can even be your friend or neighbor) your goals and struggles can be just the thing you need to stay on track.

“I need to save so I don’t have to turn to payday loans…if I have it, I spend it, down to the cent.”
Is your cash burning a hole in your pocket? Gone shopping “just to see” if you need anything? Saving money is hard, and takes dedication and self-control. Set up an automatic transfer so you don’t “see” how much is being taken out of your account, or give it to a trusted friend for safe keeping.

Do these scenarios sound familiar? They should. Money management is at the top of  “things I need to do” for the majority of Americans. And it’s not something that can be delegated to the “honey-do” list.

Remember, you’ll be able to follow our participants by watching weekly television segments on KAKE-TV…we’ll post the television schedule soon.

Behind the Scenes of Money Possible

It’s always fun to go “behind the scenes” … kinda makes you feel like you have a backstage pass at a Justin Timberlake concert.

We begged asked our Money Possible participants to meet for a quick (and by quick we mean three hours) video and photo shoot/financial literacy class/get to know you session on an icy Saturday. They were all kind enough to show up, and what’s even better, they were early!

What a fantastic group of participants. They did everything we asked…even with lights and a camera in their face.

The interview.
Lights, camera....Money Possible interview

We thought this was cool. It’s a jar of cut up credit cards.
Destroy debt: cut up credit card jar

Group session.
Group session

Needs vs. wants.
Consumer Credit Counseling Service session: needs vs wants

Scary Statistic: “We have more payday loan locations than McDonald’s Wendy’s and Burger King combined.”
Scary Statistic: We have more payday loan locations than McDonald's Wendy's and Burger King combined.

Stay tuned, we’ll reveal a little bit more about our participants next time.