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100+ Reasons to Join the 100 Million.

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of credit unions, but this post by Phroogal spells it out for you: 101 Reasons Why Credit Unions are Awesome.

Surely you can find one or two (or ten) reasons why you should consider a credit union, especially if your current financial home leaves you dreaming of better rates, fewer fees and smiling faces.

#100MM 100 Million MembershipsAnd if those 100 reasons aren’t enough, try asking the nearly 100 MILLION members worldwide why they are a member of a credit union. Here’s a cool site that showcases a sample of credit union members and their own personal “why.”

Hard to imagine what 100 million looks like? Check out the “What Does 100 Million Look Like” section for some fun, state-specific ways to measure 100 million.

[Here is the Kansas 100 million fact:
100 million people could eat for 840 days from the amount of wheat produced in Kansas in one year.]

Already a credit union member? Snap a selfie, post it to the site, and spread the word!

Need to find a credit union, or want to know more about credit unions before making the switch? A Smarter Choice is a great place to start, or if you are in Kansas, here’s some state specific information.

Meet the Participants

“I need to pay down loans.”
“We want to save for retirement.”
” It’s hard to control my spending.”

Sound familiar? These are the challenges facing our three Money Possible families, and the issues affecting millions of Americans who want to take control of their finances.

Each family has agreed to tell their story, and show that getting control of their money isn’t hard, it just takes dedication and a little self-control (of course, self-control is a whole other problem for us Americans…evident by our super-size nation…and we’re not just talking about food!)

Meet the participants
Raquel is married and a mother of two young children.

In her 30s, her goal is to pay down payday loans, and learn to save.

Lisa & BryanLisa and Bryan
In their 40s, Lisa and Bryan want to save for retirement.

They have three older children. They need to learn to say “no” and live within their means.

A divorced mother of four in her 50s, Fredica wants to control impulse spending.

She always wants to save enough to buy a house.

Follow these Wichita area credit union members’ stories here, and every Tuesday on KAKE-TV’s (Channel 10, ABC) 4 p.m. newscast. Follow the hashtag #moneypossible.

Let’s face it…with Americans $11 trillion in debt and struggling with saving money, many of you can probably benefit from following them and learning from their successes and their challenges.

Who hasn’t had loans to pay back? Who doesn’t need to save a little (or a lot) more for retirement? And who isn’t plagued by the temptations at the grocery store?  By following Raquel, Fredica and Lisa and Bryan, they will show us that we can do it. We can destroy our debt.

This program highlights the need for consumer financial education, as well as the value of credit unions as strong financial partners. The campaign aims to give consumers tips and explain that there are resources available to those who need extra help.

[ Your Photo Here ] Wichita area credit union members

Your-photo-here-for-blog-postTrying to pay down debt? You are not alone.
Eight in 10 Americans are too. So why not get some help?

Money Possible is looking for Wichita area credit union members who want to receive financial counseling, plus learn ways to help pay down your debt.

This campaign is loosely based on “The Biggest Loser” TV show, but instead of losing “physical” weight, participants will lose “financial” weight. And you won’t event have to take your shirt off…

Financial weight? What?

That’s right. Financial weight…the amount of debt people have. The average American is thousands of dollars in debt which includes credit card debt, loans and plain old “I owe Uncle Jimmy $200” type debt.

Who are we looking for?
Ideal candidates have some kind of debt, and don’t mind sharing on local media, social media and this blog.

“Oh no, I don’t want to share my personal financial issues!”

Have you seen what people share on Facebook?

All kidding aside, think of it this way. The majority of American have some kind of debt. We’re all in the same boat. Not only will you be on your way to financial health, you will be inspiring others to do the same.

A group of people cheering you through success or encouraging you through challenges just might be what you need to get your finances under control. And we’re hoping to find three individual or family credit union members, so you won’t be alone in the program.

What you’ll do
You will meet weekly (for 16 weeks) with a financial counselor from the consumer credit counseling service, who will evaluate your current situation and map out your road to success.

Each week you’ll write a blog post…a little something about what you’re doing.

  • This could be as easy as “we found out we spend way too much on Cheez-Its, so instead of buying 25 boxes a month, we’ll only buy 10 boxes…which will save us $37.50 per month. We’ll take the money we saved and apply it to one of our credit card debts. In three months we’ll have paid down $100 toward our debt.”
  • It could be something you learned about credit reports, or that some debt is actually good debt.
  • You could write about a setback you’ve come up against…an unexpected expense and how you are coping with the situation.
  • The post could be that you helped your fourth grader calculate the difference between a name brand item and a generic item and how much you will save in a year if you went with the less expensive version.

The ideas are endless…and if you’re stuck, we’ll help provide you with some ideas.

Oh, and there’s the TV element
Some of your sessions will be recorded and your updates will air on a local TV station. Don’t worry, we won’t share your confidential information or even make you talk on live TV (unless you really want to). You might be interviewed for brief segments, but you’ll be talking about yourself, which you’re already an expert on, right?

When does all this start?
You will begin your sessions in mid-February and continue through mid-May. The TV campaign will air March through mid-June.

So…are you up for it? Visit your Wichita area credit union for an application form. But hurry, they are due back to the credit union on December 20. Selected participants will be notified in mid-January.

The campaign is a partnership between Wichita area credit unions, the Kansas Credit Union Association and the Consumer Credit Counseling Service.

Follow along on twitter: #moneypossible

For questions, contact Melissa Baptista, (316) 942-7965, ext. 3016.