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Meet the Participants

“I need to pay down loans.”
“We want to save for retirement.”
” It’s hard to control my spending.”

Sound familiar? These are the challenges facing our three Money Possible families, and the issues affecting millions of Americans who want to take control of their finances.

Each family has agreed to tell their story, and show that getting control of their money isn’t hard, it just takes dedication and a little self-control (of course, self-control is a whole other problem for us Americans…evident by our super-size nation…and we’re not just talking about food!)

Meet the participants
Raquel is married and a mother of two young children.

In her 30s, her goal is to pay down payday loans, and learn to save.

Lisa & BryanLisa and Bryan
In their 40s, Lisa and Bryan want to save for retirement.

They have three older children. They need to learn to say “no” and live within their means.

A divorced mother of four in her 50s, Fredica wants to control impulse spending.

She always wants to save enough to buy a house.

Follow these Wichita area credit union members’ stories here, and every Tuesday on KAKE-TV’s (Channel 10, ABC) 4 p.m. newscast. Follow the hashtag #moneypossible.

Let’s face it…with Americans $11 trillion in debt and struggling with saving money, many of you can probably benefit from following them and learning from their successes and their challenges.

Who hasn’t had loans to pay back? Who doesn’t need to save a little (or a lot) more for retirement? And who isn’t plagued by the temptations at the grocery store?  By following Raquel, Fredica and Lisa and Bryan, they will show us that we can do it. We can destroy our debt.

This program highlights the need for consumer financial education, as well as the value of credit unions as strong financial partners. The campaign aims to give consumers tips and explain that there are resources available to those who need extra help.

Money Possible Participant Sneak Peek

Last week we posted pictures from our first video and photo shoot.Your-photo-here-for-blog-post

Here’s a sneak peek profile of each (we’ll reveal their headshots later):

  • Single mom of three, 50-ish, administrative worker who rents a home.
  • Married couple with three children, 40-ish, owns their home.
  • Married mom in her 30s with two young children, works in education, renting a home.

Here is some insight into why they applied to be a Money Possible participant:

“I need to stop spending and buying. If it’s on sale, I know someone who can use it.”
We’ve all fallen victim to the merciless “sale” tactics or “I have a coupon” mentality. Stick to a list to deter impulse buying.

“I’ve tried other programs, but without talking to someone regularly, I have not stayed on track to save for retirement.”
Ah, this one is accountability. Telling someone (and it can even be your friend or neighbor) your goals and struggles can be just the thing you need to stay on track.

“I need to save so I don’t have to turn to payday loans…if I have it, I spend it, down to the cent.”
Is your cash burning a hole in your pocket? Gone shopping “just to see” if you need anything? Saving money is hard, and takes dedication and self-control. Set up an automatic transfer so you don’t “see” how much is being taken out of your account, or give it to a trusted friend for safe keeping.

Do these scenarios sound familiar? They should. Money management is at the top of  “things I need to do” for the majority of Americans. And it’s not something that can be delegated to the “honey-do” list.

Remember, you’ll be able to follow our participants by watching weekly television segments on KAKE-TV…we’ll post the television schedule soon.

Money Possible Participant Update

Dolar HammerOur “call to apply” was a success! We received more than 15 applications from credit union members, ready to destroy their debt. The Kansas Credit Union Association is in the process of finalizing the nitty gritty details with each participant.

We are keeping the identities of our Money Possible participants under wraps until the week of January 27, so you’ll have to hold onto your hat for just a few more weeks.

Money Possible segments will begin airing on KAKE-TV (ABC, Channel 10) Tuesday, March 4 so be sure and set that DVR up to record. Are you one of those people who don’t have “regular” TV? No worries…these segments will be available online at momseveryday.com. If you don’t have that “Interweb” thing that Al Gore invented, well, we can’t help you with that one.

Segments will include live interviews once a month, as well as weekly participant updates so you can cheer our participants on, or give a sympathetic nod when things aren’t going their way. Because you know you’ve been there too.

For those with the attention span of a Twitter user, 15 second Destroy Debt tips will air throughout the duration of the campaign. And speaking of Twitter, you can stalk, I mean follow along along at #moneypossible. The best part is you don’t even have to leave your couch to learn tips and tricks that even the most financially challenged person can use. Score!

In the meantime, our participants will be meeting with Consumer Credit Counseling Service to assess the best way to destroy their household debt.

Wait, back up the truck, Chuck. Just finding out about this Money Possible thingy? Here’s the short story: It’s a consumer financial literacy campaign supported by the Kansas Credit Union Association and in partnership with Kansas credit unions and the Kansas Consumer Credit Counseling Service. Read more about the Money Possible: Destroy Debt campaign.

If you want to participate but don’t want to air your dirty laundry, free Money Possible packets will be available during the campaign at Wichita area credit unions to anyone who asks.

Still have a burning question? Contact Melissa Baptista, Research and Development Director, Kansas Credit Union Association, (800) 362-2076, ext. 3016.